Muzeum Obchodu Český Krumlov


Our museum was opened in cooperation with the museum of commerce in Bratislava in 2012. Thanks to the high professionalism, expertise, and willingness of the Bratislava museum employees, part of their rich collection was transferred from Bratislava directly to the center of Český Krumlov, to the house with the oldest merchant history in town. This made the unique and very well preserved items and business equipment from the late 19th and early 20th century accessible to visitors from around the world who come to admire the town every year, a town whose historical uniqueness has put it on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The museum presents an original preserved merchant's shop as well as a museum exhibition featuring magnificent historical cash registers, containers for coffee, calculating machines, and various types of scales and packaging for food, beverage and cosmetics. All this is supplemented by a colorful array of advertisements and billboards made from paper, cardboard and of course from enameled metal advertising plates. Visitors often take advantage of the chance to purchase faithful replicas of tin signs and other gift items related to the theme of the exhibition in the museum shop. The shop itself is also remarkable, designed and manufactured as a functional replica of an old merchant's burgher type with stone and glass counters, with many shelves, racks, cabinets, boxes, hangers and drawers.

Our museum is constantly working with the museum in Bratislava to enrich our exhibition as well as expanding the assortment of gifts and souvenirs in our museum shop.

Every year, our museum welcomes more than 70. 000 satisfied customers. Join them, and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the not-so-distant past.